Mexican Fiesta Volunteer List

Our Mexican Christmas Fiesta is coming on Friday, December 21. The party will include Mexican traditions, songs, games and food. Below is a list of volunteer items for our party:feliz-navidad.png

  • Flat corn tortillas (40): Mr. Howd
  • Flour tortillas (20 each volunteer): Zach P., Sean, Christian, Katie
  • Shredded cheese: Coltin, Reagan, Justice C.
  • Salsa or taco sauce: Patrick
  • Prepared, seasoned beef taco meat (one pound each volunteer): Chandler, Zach T., Brad, William, Kayla
  • Prepared, seasoned, shredded chicken breast (approx. four chicken breasts each volunteer): Terence, Brittan, Madison, Hannah. Note that chicken fajitas seasoning is an easy way to season the shredded chicken.
  • Sliced cucumbers (four each volunteer): Caleb, Halie, Justice G.
  • Lemon juice: Paige, Jadin. This is for sprinkling on the sliced cucumbers.
  • Cinnamon and sugar: Mr. Howd
  • Mexican hot chocolate: Mr. Howd
  • Nopalitos (prickly pear cactus): Mr. Howd

Thanks for contributing to our fiesta! Family members are invited!

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