Class activities for Tuesday, June 14

For class activities today, we rehearsed for the 5th Grade Graduation, which was in the afternoon. Here’s the speech that the class wrote using Google Docs:

Mr. Howd’s Class Graduation Speech (Courage)


Courage is a very important thing in life and helps you get through almost anything especially elementary school and we assume middle school and high school too.

Courage is bravery and excellence, and courage is what you make it. It is not being afraid to take chances, live your dreams, stand up for someone who’s being hurt, and speak your mind. You use it while standing up in front of big crowds, you use it when you are playing sports, you use it all the time and every where it helps with life because it should be a part of your life on a daily basis. And that is why courage is one of our high fives.There is respect, responsibility, kindness, honesty and courage. Have you ever heard of, “save the best for last”? Well courage is our last high five, it’s the best.

When you hear the word courage you should be thinking strength, kindness, and not being afraid to stand up and fight for someone if they are getting harassed in any way.

You should always want to have the courage that others may not  have, so you can help them  stand up in front of people without realizing that all they are doing is speaking their own mind and what they think should happen. In fact, you should be that person, that is something that everyone should learn to do. Because, courage is what makes dreams happen. Courage is what makes good things happen to not just you, but to others too and when you do that, you will have a warm feeling in your heart  and you will know that you helped someone today.

Courage is what makes future presidents, speakers, journalists, and many people our country and world needs. Courage isn’t just something you buy at the store, or something you are born with, it’s something that may take a few tries, but in the long run it’s worth it. It is very important and great to use during any situation and we think that everyone should use it all the time. Now, you may be thinking, “Oh gee, these people are just saying that.” But no, we aren’t. We, at Mr. Howd’s class think that courage is a very important thing in life, and something you should definitely try to have once in a while. From all of our time at McGrath , this is what we learned about courage. And always remember to use courage everyday and you can be a great person.


Important Reminders:

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