Class activities for Thursday, March 29

Spelling: We reviewed irregular verbs today, verbs that are not made past tense by adding -ed.

Cursive: Ten cursive sentences, seven or more words each, are due on Fridays.

Reading: None today due to the Math Madness Final Four Tournament. Congratulations to Mrs. Johnston’s class, the fourth grade champions. Our class finished 4th in this multiplication facts tournament.

Writing: Students continued to work on the next writing piece, the I-Search research project today. Students started to collect information from the internet and save the information in Google Docs.

This informational project will be due Friday, April 27. Students should be looking for information to answer their research question at this point.

Math: None today due to the Math Madness Final Four Tournament.

Science: We learned that the earth rotates (turns) once in 24 hours and moves around the sun once in a year.

Social Studies: Students divided two maps of the United States into regions. Homework is to finish the regions map of not done in class.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellow magnets: 4
  • Orange magnets: 1
  • Red magnets: 0
  • STAR Awards: 0
  • Magnets moved this week (goal: 10): 16

Check your student’s Personal and Social Growth grade at JupiterGrades to see if your student moved their magnet. Need help with JupiterGrades?


  • The Read-A-Thon Mackinac fundraiser is tomorrow! Students can bring books, a blanket and a pillow to the Read-a-Thon.
  • Check out our class calendar to stay up-to-date.
  • View grades, assignments, and attendance at JupiterGrades.

Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 5th grade.

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