Missing Work Policy updated

The missing work policy has been updated with an important change. The italicized parts below are new. View the full Grading Policy here.

Missing Work

Missing assignments have a significant impact on student grades. Please see the Homework Policy page to find out more about homework and missing assignments.

For the purposes of grading, missing assignments are assigned a value of 50%. This is to allow for a better assessment of what a student truly understands. Here’s an example:

  • Student A completes two assignments, one scored 100%, another is missing.
  • If the missing assignment is treated as 0%, the average of both assignments will be 50%.
  • If the missing assignment is treated as 50%, the average of both assignments will be 75%.
  • A grade of 75% seems to show partial learning, but the 50% seems to show that no learning has been shown.
  • Since the student has already demonstrated learning by earning 100% for one assignment, but hasn’t demonstrated learning for the missing assignment, the more accurate grade is a 75% C, rather than a 50% E.
The goal here is to make the final subject grade as accurate as possible, so that it will be possible to gauge how much learning a student has demonstrated, rather than how much work a student has completed.

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