Snow days and writing

These snow days can be good or bad when it comes to your writing. Our persuasive letter is due next Friday, February 27. We also have the 5th grade musical practices next week.

That means you should finish your draft letter before Monday.

Put these paragraphs in your draft:

  1. Introduction describing the problem you want to fix (kids sick from not having vaccinations, ISIS hurting people, not being able to see all police arrests, etc.)
  2. Your opinion about a solution to the problem (a law to vaccinate all kids, sending troops to fight ISIS, making police wear body cameras, etc.)
  3. Some data to prove your point (from or somewhere else)
    1. Make sure to list the source of your data
  4. At least one core democratic value that proves your point
  5. A conclusion restating your points again and saying one more time why your opinion is the right idea.

Get a draft done with all this time off you will have had, and then next week we’ll revise and edit.

Some of you waited until days before our last essay was due to finish drafting, and you didn’t have any time to revise. Finish your draft this weekend so you can improve it next week!

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