How to end the battles over getting ready

If your children are constantly battling you in the morning over getting ready quick enough, finding their supplies, and getting out the door on their own and without constant reminders, then Love and Logic has some tips that might help:

  • Schedule some time to plan and practice when you aren’t in a hurry.
  • Take yourself out of the loop as much as possible (the more you have to remind, the less your student is learning to do these things by themselves).
  • Focus on getting yourself ready. This is a good way to model how things ought to be.
  • Look for ways to give logical consequences, such as a student forgetting their homework or having to go to school in mismatched clothes.
  • Create a backup plan for if a student doesn’t get ready on time.

Here’s what Love and Logic has to say about the last point:

Some parents find it wise to have someone secretly on call. If the kids miss the bus, this person can arrive and charge them for taxi service to school.

By the time they reach kindergarten age, our kids… with good training and consistency on our part… can learn to take primary responsibility for getting themselves up and ready to go each and every day. Kids who learn this find it far more natural to assume personal responsibility in other areas of their lives.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Smoother Mornings

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