Kids Who Desire World Domination

Do you know a strong-willed child? Someone who wants to run the show and lets everyone around them know it? Here are some words of wisdom:

Avoid getting on the same level

Kids with this personality will do a variety of things to bring us down to their level…or actually reverse the roles. These include arguing, nasty looks, passive resistance, etc. Remember: If a child can pull me into a debate or argument, I am no longer the parent.

Establish privacy boundaries

These children feel entitled to be involved in every conversation and every activity. When they aren’t, they create chaos to bring the focus back to them. “This is our time” or “This is a private conversation between your mom and me” or “You may stay with us as long as you aren’t interrupting” are very important boundaries.

Let your authority outlast theirs

Many children train their parents to stop setting and enforcing expectations. They do so by arguing, screaming, or yelling every time a limit is set or something is asked of them. No matter how difficult it may be, please show them that you will remain loving and strong. You’ll never regret this.

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