A healthy way to solve problems

It might be funny to watch a dysfunctional family on TV, but it’s not fun being a part of one, says Love and Logic in a recent article. Researchers have studied what makes families happy and healthy, and one important discovery has been who family members talk to when the have problems:

  • In healthy families, Mom talks to Dad when she is upset with Dad.
  • In unhealthy families, Mom talks to the kids when she is upset with Dad.
  • In healthy families, Dad talks to Mom when he’s upset with Mom.
  • In unhealthy families, Dad talks to his friends when he is upset with Mom.
  • In healthy families, Junior talks to Dad when he wants something from Dad.
  • In unhealthy families, Junior talks to Mom when he wants something from Dad.
  • In healthy families, Junior talks to his teacher when he doesn’t understand an assignment.
  • In unhealthy families, Mom and Dad talk to Junior’s teacher when Junior doesn’t understand an assignment.

The pattern is probably clear by now. Healthy communication involves going directly to the party involved in the problem, rather than involving a third party. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and quickest way to a solution means going to the person involved. Read the whole article here.

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