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Welcome to the online home of Room 130, at McGrath Elementary School, the fourth/fifth grade classroom of Mr. Howd. This site is both our classroom website and our class blog.

How to use this site

  • An online planner. Visit the home page of this site to get daily news and activities from Room 130. You’ll get a daily summary of class activities, homework, and important dates and events. Use it to stay up-to-date and for a source of discussion starters with your student. Or even easier, subscribe to MrHowd.com. You can be notified by email every time a new post is made, ensuring that you’ll always know the latest class news, homework, events and activities.

  • As a class guide. Click on any of the pages accessible in the right sidebar to learn more about classroom policies, procedures, schedules, events and information.
  • As a way to communicate. Share your views and communicate with me or the class. Post comments, thoughts or ideas to any of posts on the home page. Or email me from the contact page.
  • As a resource library. Download posted homework, guides, permission slips, enrichment activities and other resources listed on subject-specific pages.

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