Letter grades are assigned to student work and report cards based on the following scale:

98% and aboveA+
59 and lessE

Some subjects, such as behavior, personal and social growth, cursive, technology, health, and speaking and listening are assessed using a three-point scale:

Well developed at this time
(able to perform skills without assistance)
Developing skills as expected
(able to perform skill with minimal assistance)
Further development required
(teacher guidance necessary to performs skill)

Students will also receive the following grades on completed homework:

-• (corrections made)D

Missing Work

Missing assignments have a significant impact on student grades. Please see the Homework Policy page to find out more about homework and missing assignments.

For the purposes of grading, missing assignments are assigned a value of 50%. This is to allow for a better assessment of what a student truly understands. Here’s an example:

  • Student A completes two assignments, one scored 100%, another is missing.
  • If the missing assignment is treated as 0%, the average of both assignments will be 50%.
  • If the missing assignment is treated as 50%, the average of both assignments will be 75%.
  • A grade of 75% seems to show partial learning, but the 50% seems to show that no learning has been shown.
  • Since the students has already demonstrated learning by earning 100% for one assignment, but hasn’t demonstrated learning for the missing assignment, the more accurate grade is a 75% C, rather than a 50% E.
The goal here is to make the final subject grade as accurate as possible, so that it will be possible to gauge how much learning a student has demonstrated, rather than how much work a student has completed.

What if my student has a low grade?

If you notice your student has a low assignment, quiz, test or subject grade, your student is welcome to correct their mistakes for an improved grade. Here’s what to do:

  1. Have your student keep their original paper with the low score.
  2. Ask them to use another paper to correct the answers they missed. This is when they can improve their learning and their grade.
  3. Have them staple their corrections to the original page and turn back in.
  4. Your student will be awarded a half-point for each point corrected.

Extra Credit?

If your student would like to improve their grades, extra credit assignments are the last option:

  1. The first step would be to make sure all work is turned in. Extra credit won’t help much of entire assignments are missing.
  2. Once all work is turned in, the next step is to improve any assignments or test with low scores. See the section above for how to improve grades.
  3. If a student has turned in all work and improved low scores, and would still like an extra opportunity to improve their grades, they can meet with me. I’ll ask them what they would like to do to prove their knowledge and learning in whatever subject they would like to improve.


  • Writing assignments have their own grading policies; please see the Writing page for more information on how work is graded and report card markings are assigned.

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