One of my goals is to help my students get ready for middle school so that the transition is easier and more familiar. And one way I do that is to give students passing times between subjects. This is a three-minute break where students can come and go at will, go to their locker, talk to friends, get a drink, use the restroom, and get materials for the next class. With 40 seconds left, I start playing a song, and students know to be in their seats when the song is over. This is very similar to how middle school passing times work.

And just like in the middle school, if a student is not in their seat when passing time is over, or not prepared for class, I’ll mark them tardy.

This is not an official attendance tardy that is reported to the office. It’s a class tardy that I keep track of. And also just like the middle school, when a student receives four class tardies, I’ll ask them to come in at recess and plan out how to use their time better.

In fourth grade, being tardy too much results in some lost recess; in middle school, it results in an after school detention. Hopefully, students will make enough mistakes in elementary when the consequences are small so that they won’t have to make the mistakes in middle school, high school, or in their job.

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