Social Studies

Social Studies in fourth and fifth grade vary quite a bit. Fourth grade is a year that lays the foundation for future studies, while fifth grade is the beginning of middle school type Social Studies content.

What we learn

Fourth grade students learn about the following topics:

  • Economics
  • Government
  • Geography
Fifth grade students learn US history through creation of the Bill of Rights, including the following:
  • American Indians
  • Exploration
  • Colonization
  • Early English Settlements
  • Life in the American Colonies
  • Slavery
  • The American Revolution
  • Creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Getting a grade

Grades in Social Studies will include the following types of assignments:

  • Workbook or review pages based on reading from the text, usually worth around 10 points;
  • Open-book tests or quizzes worth about 30 points.
Both types of assignments are assessed using theĀ letter grade scale. Some smaller assignments may be assessed using theĀ check-plus, check, check-minus scale.

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