Students have a daily technology class called Technology Explorations (TechEx). There, they learn about typing, digital citizenship, coding basics, robotics, Google Apps, and other technology topics.

In class, we’ll use technology for a variety of learning tasks. Students will use a personal chromebook that the district issues each student. Students take the chromebooks home each night to use for homework and to charge them, and keep them over the summer too. Here are some of the ways we use technology in class:

  • We’ll use Khan Academy and MobyMax for math practice
  • We’ll use Google Drive for writing
  • We’ll use MobyMax for reading and language skills practice
  • We’ll create a website in Google Sites to use as an interactive story
  • We’ll create digital presentations to share with others
  • We’ll use digital tools to keep track of calendar events, to send email, to take quizzes and tests
  • We’ll publish a novel in an online bookstore
  • Homework in Room 130 will be mainly practicing skills using their chromebook. That means, rather than paper pages, many nights will have homework of 15 minutes of math practice, and 15 minutes of writing. There may still be paper work, but most nigths will be practice using digital tools.


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