Inspirational Poster

This project involves making an inspirational poster, using digital photographs and PowerPoint.Our first mission will be to locate an inspirational quotation. Start at this website: Quotations for Inspiration.

When you find a quote you like, copy and paste it into Microsoft Word. Don’t forget to copy who the quote is from. Save the Word file in your folder so that you know where it is.

After you have your quote, you need a picture to match! Look at these websites:

When you find an image that matches your quotation, save it into your folder. If you are at home, save it on your computer, then put it on a disk, or email it to me. Or you could upload it to your webpage. Just log in, go to your page, click edit, then look for the upload box and follow the directions.

Don’t forget to copy down which website you got your picture from. You might want to type this into your Word file.

Now you are ready to create your poster. Use Microsoft PowerPoint. Insert your picture from the file, and resize as necessary. Type the quotation. Think carefully about the font, size, color and placement so that it looks its best.

After your poster is finished, type a paragraph about your poster. Include these things:

  1. Your name
  2. The reason you chose your quote
  3. Why you think your picture matches the quote
  4. Where you got your picture
  5. Why you designed the poster the way you did. (Talk about font, size, color, placement).

Save this paragraph in your folder so that you can print it out later. 

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