Are chaperones needed?

Some of our class field trips will need chaperones. Which trips?

  • Fourth Grade Team Day (not a field trip, but we still need chaperones to help)
  • Fourth Grade Mackinac Trip
  • Fifth Grade End of the Year Trip
  • Other special trips as needed. You’ll be notified by email or if chaperones are needed.

Fifth Grade Camp does not need parent chaperones. We have high school counselors that will help supervise this trip.


We usually need about six adults for each trip that requires chaperones; sometimes space is limited. Chaperones are permitted to ride the buses, but must pay for any admissions.

How to become a chaperone

To ensure the safety of all students, Grand Blanc Schools asks for each chaperone or classroom volunteer fill out a Volunteer Information Profile (PDF). This form is used to complete a background check. You can download and print the Volunteer Information Profile (PDF). Please note that a copy of your driver’s license is needed to complete the form.

Some field trips may require chaperones to use their private vehicle to transport students. If you are willing to chaperone and use your vehicle as transportation, there are several additional forms that must be completed:

  1. Volunteer Information Profile (photocopy of driver’s license required). If you’ve filled this out before, you won’t need to do it again.
  2. Vehicle Inspection Report
  3. Volunteer Driver’s Form
  4. Driver Verification Form (photocopy of current auto insurance policy required)
  5. Permission Slip

You can download all these forms here.

Please note that these forms will need to be submitted prior to the day of the trip in order to be processed in time.

If you would like to chaperone for any of these field trips, contact me.


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