Students are encouraged to make good choices and follow our class rules. Students that are struggling with choices may be helped by the following methods:

  1. Students sit in teams, with each team having an elected captain (learn more about team captains and leadership here). I ask teams to help their neighbor make good choices and help solve problems before they grow. A problem solved at this level has no consequence.
  2. Students that continue to struggle with good choices may be asked to take a self-control timeout by sitting away from their team. I have trays that can be set up in isolated areas of the class, allowing a student to have some time to regain their self-control. When a student is ready, they can ask to rejoin their team. Sometimes students may complete a Classroom Code to help them think through their choices.
  3. Students that continue to struggle, even after a timeout, will receive a behavior letter to take home. The letter will inform family members about the issue of concern form class.
  4. Extreme behavior concerns may result in a half or full-day suspension. These cases usually involve blatant defiance or disrespect.
  5. Beyond timeouts and behavior letters, I also have students practice behaviors to improve. This practice time usually happens during recess. And that means that sometimes, some students will be practicing sitting quietly, walking in line, following directions, or finishing work while others are outside playing. This helps students to see that actions have consequences. By practicing, students can improve their behavior and make better choices. Learn more about our recess policy here.



  • This procedure works fine for about 90% of the class. For students who repeatedly struggle, developing a customized home/school behavior plan can be developed.

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