Computer Science

Students will learn computer science using material from That website makes it sound like students will learn coding. That’s true, but it’s just part of what students learn. Coding is a language. But students also need to know how to use the language to solve problems. That’s computer science. A way of thinking to solve problems.

Why computer science?

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What will students learn?

Michigan students learn these topics from the Michigan Computer Science Standards:

  • Computing Systems. This involves parts of computers, hardware and software, and how to troubleshoot.
  • Networks and the Internet. How the internet works, internet safety, and cybersecurity.
  • Data and Analysis. Organizing and presenting data.
  • Algorithms and Programming. Writing code and programs.
  • Impacts of Computing. Digital citizenship, how technology influences the world, using technology appropriately, how to cite sources.

How will students learn?

Students will earn computer science mainly through lessons for each grade level, with the difficulty progressing as students get older.

Students sign in to through Google Classroom.

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