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How to get others to listen to you

It’s not too rare in 4th and 5th grade to come upon some students that are having a bad time and really wish other people knew about it. This usually involves the students talking, discussing, arguing, shouting, yelling, or name-calling in an effort to express their feelings.

What we adults know is that that method usually creates more problems than it solves. But we also know that even adults are tempted to speak harshly or lash out when we feel we have been wronged.

Love and Logic has a great, simple suggestion for boosting the chance that other people will listen to you. Phrase your concern like this:

“I’d like to share what I’ve been hearing and get your thoughts.”

This method gets the concern discussed without putting anyone on the hot seat. No one feels defensive, so the topic will get discussed and probably resolved.

This would probably solve a lot of problems for people that go to elementary school, or for anyone that has ever attended one.

The rest of the article is worth a read.

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Lead your child to good health

Here’s an infographic from the American College of Pediatricians on ways to help your student live a balanced and healthy life:

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If it’s important

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You were born… 

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The Secret to a Well-Behaved Child: Regular Bedtime

Young children who don’t have a regular bedtime behave worse than kids who go to sleep at the same time each night, a new study suggests.

British researchers found that both mothers and teachers rated 7-year-olds who had inconsistent bedtimes as being more hyperactive than their better-rested peers, and as having more social, emotional and conduct problems.

The results also revealed that behavior grew worse the more years a child spent without a firm bedtime. But the good news is that children’s behavior noticeably improved when they switched to a scheduled bedtime.

The study also linked having an earlier bedtime to better behavior. If you’re looking for a strategy to try at home to address behavior, a consistent or earlier bedtime might be worth considering.

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