Daily Homework Time

If homework is not automatic in your home, if it causes some battles, if you know there’s “got to be a better way,” consider Daily Homework Time. Your student will usually have only two kinds of homework: (1) stuff from class they didn’t finish, and (2) stuff they should work on at home to get better and smarter.

The second thing is called Daily Homework Time. The basic idea is for you set aside about 30-50 minutes Monday through Thursday for your student to get smarter; 30 minutes for 3rd graders, 40 minutes for 4th graders, or 50 minutes for 5th graders. Each night, they should practice some math, do some writing, and finish class homework. Other things might be to work on cursive, practice math facts, or work on spelling. There’s no such thing as, “I have no homework,” because there is always something to get better at, such as math practice or writing.

Your student probably won’t do this on their own. But with your guidance, you can help your student get into good habits of doing something every day to improve themselves (not to mention their grades).

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If you really want to do something… 

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Worry is like a rocking chair


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How to stop arguing with your kids

Judy saved her own life. She used to listen when her kids argued with her. She used to fall for their manipulation. When her teen daughter said, “You love Billy more than me!” she used to get upset and insist, “That’s not true! I love you BOTH!”

Now she takes better care of herself. When the arguing and manipulation start, Judy goes brain dead. She doesn’t listen to the words lest she be tempted to do something dumb – like respond.

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Right, not easy

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