Potawatomi expert group

Potawatomi group, post your comments here. Click here to get your main ideas sheet or the planning sheet.

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5 Responses to “Potawatomi expert group”

  1. Chris D Says:

    Find anything yet?

  2. Chris D Says:

    In the 1660`s the Potawatomi tribe lived in the northern third of the lower Michigan.

  3. Lizzy Says:

    The potawatomi group I finished the two posters that were sent home with me. I have three posters at my house. I hope you know were the other two are at. So I have mine,ChrisDs,and Christians.

    To the potawatomi expert group.

  4. Lizzy Says:

    I can’t wait until we get to act like a teacher with our teams. I forgot to tell you in the other note that I think I have all of the mini books in my Michigan book. I haven’t checked to see. But I think Christion put them in my big book.

  5. GMoore Says:

    Seeking tribal heritage of MARTHIA HOWD, married Edward Pillsbury on December 27, 1873, in or near Cadillac, Michigan. Son Walter Pillsbury b. 1874. Marthia Howd Pillsbury apparently deceased by 1880’s. Any information would be appreciated.
    Please reply to [email protected]

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