Hot Heads (Internet task for week of 4/3/06)

Is it getting hot in here? Well, many scientists think so. They think the earth is getting warmer, and humans are blame because of all the fuels we burn and the pollution we create. But not everyone agrees that humans causing the earth to get hotter, or even if the earth is getting hotter.

This week, take a look at global warming. This is a controversial subject, and many people argue about it. 

  1. First, watch these commercials. Make sure to click on all four ads.
    • What is going to happen to the earth, according to these commercials?
  2. Visit the Time for Kids Global Warming page.
    • What is global warming
    • What supposedly causes it
    • How does it affect the earth?
  3. Also visit the US Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming page for kids
    • How can we make a difference? How can we help to stop global warming?
  4. Some scientists don’t agree that global warming is really even happening, or that humans are causing it. Do an experiment to see if Grand Blanc seems to be warming up.

Go to Weather Underground. Look at the maximum and minimum temperature records. Was the maximum record more recent than the minimum record? If it is, then maybe Grand Blanc is getting hotter. If the maximum record is older, then maybe Grand Blanc isn’t getting hotter.

Now click next day at the top right of the Weather Underground page, and keep looking at all the days in April, and even May.

    • Are most heat records new, or old?

Go Further

Try out these extras:

  • Global Warming word search
  • Have you seen those carbon footprint commercials from BP? Calculate your carbon footprint.
  • Visit Yahoo! News for video, audio and more articles
  • Not everyone agrees on Global Warming. Visit here to see what opponents (people who disagree) are saying.

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9 Responses to “Hot Heads (Internet task for week of 4/3/06)”

  1. Sabrina&Lizzy Says:

    Why do you think it is called Global Warming?

  2. Sabrina&Lizzy Says:

    Do you think that Global Warming is already effecting Grand Blanc?
    We do not think it is effecting Grand Blanc.

  3. william and chance Says:

    we like the hothead

  4. Mr. Howd Says:

    William and Chance,

    What do you mean you like the Hot Head? Do you like Global Warming? Or are you saying that you like this activity we are doing? Make sure to be clear, and post either your opinion or a question for us to think about.

  5. Mr. Howd Says:

    Click here to see an article about there being a record cold in Siberia:

    Do you think Global Warming is really happening?

  6. Samantha&Kyle Says:

    Thanks for giving us that website Mr.Howd.

  7. alex and christian Says:

    we really do not get it

  8. alex and christian Says:

    need more web sites and more details

  9. Evan and ashley Says:

    what experiment are you guys going to do to see if grand blanc really is warming up?

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