Class activities for Wednesday, September 20

Spelling: Students added a vowel to various words to change a short vowel sound into a long vowel sound: plan into plane, sat into seat, best into beast.

Cursive: Students are working on a double-sided cursive page, which is due on Friday.

Reading: Today we learned a new “trick” that smart readers use: asking themselves the Five W Questions of who, what, when, where, and why. When readers ask themselves these questions while they are reading, then they will remember more of the details that the test questions will ask about.  

Writing: Mr. Weiss taught our class a lesson about adding details to our writing to make it more interesting to read. One way to do this is to stretch out short sentences by adding words to make it longer and better.

Math: Students took a pretest of basic math skills. We also played a game to review money and measurement. 

Science: Students started an experiment about the end’s of a magnet and will finish it tomorrow.

Social Studies: We reviewed the “Fact or Fiction” quiz and it was collected for a grade. We learned about slavery in the Southeast and how some slaves escaped on the Underground Railroad. We sang a song about the Underground Railroad; click here to listen. Here are the lyrics. Here is a music video for the same song. 

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: 4 magnets
  • Oranges: 3 magnet
  • Reds: none

Ask your student what kind of choices they made.


  • We are looking for donations of paper grocery bags, one for each student, and cardboard tubes (toilet tissue, paper towel, wrapping paper) for class projects. The tubes can be sent in any time during the year; this project will be on-going. Thanks for any help you can give! 
  • A few students still need poly envelopes (I have them for $0.50 each) to store math and science work. See the schools supplies page for more information.
  • Students are welcome to bring to or keep at school a water bottle, to keep from having to ask frequently to go get a drink.
  • Our Room 130 Pride board is about half full. Some students have yet to bring in three “objects” that show who they are, and that can be put on display for all to see. We are looking for things like photos, postcards, papers, medals, or little trickets that can be put in bags and hung on the board. The only limitation is size, and being able to be attached somehow to a bulletin board. These objects can remain with us the whole year, or rotated out whenever the student wants.

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