Class activities for Tuesday, November 21

Spelling: Students made a Words to Learn list of words they missed on the spelling test we took on Monday. This is their personalized spelling list for the next test; words this year will recycle, so words missed now can be mastered later with a little study at home.

Cursive: Cursive worksheets pp. 39, 40, and 44 were made available today and will be due Friday, December 1.

Reading: Today was a reading day in Literature Circles. We also read our paper (Time for Kids) and had our coffee (juice).

Writing: Today was a work day for students. Students should be nearing the end of their rough draft or starting to revise. A piece of writing is due Friday, December 1.

Math: Today students completed a test over the following concepts:

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • data landmarks (maximum, minimum, median, mode, range)
  • bar graphs
  • reading and writing large numbers (up to millions)
  • identifying the value of digits in a number (the 9 in 598 is worth 90)

Science: None today due to art.

Social Studies: Things reached fever pitch as several students filed a lawsuit challenging the “no chair tipping” class law. They were heard in the Class Supreme Court by Justices David, Kayla and Iain. After several arguments, including, “it’s a habit” and “we won’t fall if we just tip a little,” the Supreme Court found that the law was fair and did not violate the class rule: “Always follow the High Fives.” The law was upheld. Some students are now contacting their representatives and senators to ask them to write a new law.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: one magnet
  • Oranges: no magnets
  • Reds: no magnets

Ask your student what kind of choices they made.


  • Capitol Field Trip on Tuesday, November 28. Click here for more information or a permission slip.
  • Juice Volunteers for Friday, December 1: Shawn and Alison. Click here for a full list of juice volunteers.
  • We are looking for donations of cardboard tubes (toilet tissue, paper towel, wrapping paper) for class projects. The tubes can be sent in any time during the year; this project will be on-going. Thanks for any help you can give!

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