Class activities for Wednesday, November 29

Spelling: Today we identified all the common spelling patterns for the /s/ sound: s, ss, sc, ci, ce, cy. Students are working on the unit 4 spelling worksheets; a copy can be downloaded by visiting the Spelling page.

Cursive: Cursive worksheets pp. 39, 40, and 44 were made available last week and students will also have this week to work on them.

Reading: Today was a reading day in Literature Circles. 

Writing: Today was a work day for students. Students should be editing their piece of writing by now in order to meet the deadline, which has been moved to Monday, December 4.

Math: We worked on factors and products today, and students sorted their multiplication fact triangles into “know” and “don’t know” piles. Homework is to finish math boxes 3.2.

Science: We reviewed the “On or Off?” experiment and learned about open and closed circuits. Open circuits have gaps that stop electricity from flowing. In closed circuits, all the pieces are connected so electricity can flow.

Social Studies: We added notes in our government minibooks about the branches of government, how a law is passed, and what taxes are for. We also began learning about levels of government: local, state and federal.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: three magnets
  • Oranges: one magnet
  • Reds: no magnets

Ask your student what kind of choices they made.


  • Juice Volunteers for Friday, December 1: Shawn and Alison. Click here for a full list of juice volunteers.
  • We are looking for donations of cardboard tubes (toilet tissue, paper towel, wrapping paper) for class projects. The tubes can be sent in any time during the year; this project will be on-going. Thanks for any help you can give!

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