Class activities for Friday, January 26

Spelling: Today we brainstormed alternate words for “worn out words:” shouted instread of said, elated instread of happy. A spelling test is coming up on Tuesday. Visit the spelling page to download a copy of the unit 6 spelling worksheets.

Cursive: No new cursive assignment this week.

Reading: We practiced reading comprehension using Hot Dots self-checking cards. Students will be placed in new Literature Circles groups next week.

Writing: Today we finished the letters we started to write to injured soldiers as part of a Student Council project. The next piece of writing is due into portfolios on Friday, February 9.

Orders for the class book, Monster Mania, are due next Monday, January 29.  

Math: Today students completed a MiniQuiz over addition and subtraction of decimals and money.

Science Inquiry: Today we had a shorted session of Inquiry in which we previewed some of the materials (mirrors, lasers, prisms) we will be using for our study of light. We also had the Science and Inventions Fair Kickoff. We discussed in class about how Science Fair could be used as a “practice” for our Kids’ Inquiry Conference that will be held at UM-Flint on April 27.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: 2 magnets
  • Oranges: 0 magnets
  • Reds: 0 magnets

Ask your student what kind of choices they made.

The Weekly Wrap (our week in 60 seconds):

  • Spelling: then/than usage, suffixes, synonyms 
  • Cursive: no new assignment this week
  • Reading: we finished our expression and oral reading fluency project
  • Writing: Started a new piece and wrote letters to injured soldiers
  • Math: Adding and subtracting money, metric measurement 
  • Science: forms of energy 
  • Social Studies: first people of Michigan (different Native American groups) 

Notes:mac fundraising3.jpg

  • Juice Volunteers for Friday, February 2: Brandon and Kyle. Click here for a full list of juice volunteers.
  • Upcoming Events: Candle orders due (January 24); Make a Monster Class Book orders due (January 29); Candle pick-up (February 4). New writing piece due (February 9); Straits of Mackinaw field trip (May 11). See the class calendar for more information.
  • We are looking for donations of medium and long cardboard tubes (have plenty of short ones, thanks!) for class projects. The tubes can be sent in any time during the year; this project will be on-going. Thanks for any help you can give!

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