Mexican Christmas fiesta and Sing Along for Friday, December 21

Today was our Mexican Fiesta! We started by reading a book called The Night of Las Posadas, a story about the Las Posadas procession in Mexico that tells the story of Mary and Joseph looking for shelter.feliz-navidad.png

We then started our own Los Posadas. We went to the cafeteria and the office, and they wouldn’t let us in for shelter, but Sra. Dillard finally let us in her Spanish Room, and we started our fiesta! We sang Noche de Paz (Silent Night) and Cascabel (Jingle Bells). We then went outside for sparklers!

We came back in to take a wack at the piñata (thanks, Chandler, for smashing its head off on the first wack!). After tying the rope around its waist, we had a few more swings, pummeling it pretty good! Then we headed back to the room to eat. The menu included:

  • Mexican-style tacos on fried corn tostada shells;
  • Spicy shredded chicken eaten with torn flour tortillas;
  • Nopalitos (prickly pear cactus!);
  • Pepinos (cucumbers with lemon juice and salt);
  • Mexican hot chocolate (hot chocolate with cinnamon); and,
  • Buñelos (fried flour tortillas with cinnamon and sugar).

Later, we played “Toma Todo,” a Mexican top game much like the Jewish dreidel. Students start with ten beans, then take or put in beans as the top says. The winning amount of beans could select a Mexican pop.

We ended with the McGrath Holiday Sing-Along. Our class sang “Joy to the World” and taught the school how to sign it.
A grande-sized thanks to the parents who helped prepare and serve food today at the fiesta, and for all the generous donations–we had more than enough food and everyone had their fill!

Feliz Navidad!

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