End of the School Year, Thursday, June 12

We ended the year on a high note full of busyness and fun! The morning was packed with last-minute duties:

  • cleaning out desks and lockers
  • passing out report cards and awards
  • learning how to say no to drugs and bad decisions (part of Health)
  • reviewing how to add and subtract fractions

The afternoon had us enjoying a wonderful potluck lunch! Thanks to everyone brining in a dish to pass! We had more than enough food and full bellies were plentiful! To wrap up the day and the year, we played crazy games. Students…

  • ate ice cream and whip cream without using hands,
  • stuck Life Savers on a friend’s face,
  • made lemonade with a lemon slice, sugar packet and water,
  • threw frisbees, cucumbers, and soggy sponges,
  • carried marshmallows, and BBQ sauce, with their mouths, and
  • loaded up a friend with shaving cream, only to smear it all over the class (and me) when the game was finished!

It was a great year, one that everyone can be proud of! Thanks for all you have done, both students and parents, to make our year a success. Post a comment to this post to share your feelings on the end of the school year and how you think it went.

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3 Responses to “End of the School Year, Thursday, June 12”

  1. Emily and Tiffany Says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Howd for all that you have done this year. It has been the most fun Emily has had in her 5 years of school and you are by far, her favorite teacher as well. You will be hard to replace!! We will all miss you!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Hi Mr.Howd I realy miss you and the class. I hope you have a good class that’s as good at record setting as us.

    With lots of Xs and Os, Hannah V.

  3. Halie and Kina Says:

    I just want to Thank-You for everything you have done, Halie has had the best school year ever! she has opened up more and met some great friends! everyone was so welcoming, I can only hope that 5th grade goes as well.

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