Class activities for Thursday, September 4

We focused on team building today. Here are some highlights:

  • We played a game called, “Win as Much as You Can.” The game is built so that teams that compete against other teams get ahead at their expense. The only way for everyone to win this game is to put others first. A group working 100% as a team could earn a maximum of $5,000, and our class earned $400, so you can see that we struggled with not putting others first.
  • We selected our class mission statement: “All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for sixth grade.”
  • We selected our class goals:
    • To improve our class reading level by at least one year.
    • To improve our class math level by at least one year.
    • To reach a goal we set for class AR points earned from reading books.
  • We played another game called Pyramids. Students were challenged to work as a team to stack cups into a pyramid using only a rubberband with strings tied on. The students had to open the rubberband by pulling the strings, and use the rubberband to grab and stack the cups (see pics below).

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