Class activities for Monday, March 27

Reading: Today we read our shared book, Esperanza Rising, but did not have Literature Circles due to getting new seats. 

Language Arts: We had a mini-lesson on rereading for correctness, to make sure that what we write makes sense and is readable. A piece of writing was due into portfolios today. This is the final grade for the report card.

Spelling: Students received their graded spelling tests and completed a Words to Learn list. This is their new spelling list for the next test. The Level Four Core Word list contains all the spelling words students are tested on this year.

Math: Based on the results of Friday’s MiniQuiz, students were placed into groups for enrichment, error-checking, or further instruction on multiplication methods. Homework tonight is to complete Puzzle page 23 or 25, based on what the student needs to work on.

Note that some students are making mistakes on their multiplication problems due to not knowing their math facts. Have your students practice math facts at home; one way is for them to play math games at

Science: Students finished the last of four mini-experiments on pitch and sound. Homework is to make sure the drawings and explanations are correct and have enough details.

Social Studies: We journaled in our First People of Michigan mini-books about the Paleo-Indians, Old Copper People, and the Hopewell. We also started learning about the Three Fires people.


  • Pie orders will be available for pick-up TODAY from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. Orders should be frozen, so pick up as soon as possible.
  • Conferences are April 10-12. Reserve your appointment at the office windows.
  • HELP WANTED: Mr. Keilitz is looking for parents willing to help with Field Day, which is at the end of May. If you are willing to help, please fill out the form below. Thanks!
  • MORE HELP WANTED: A large collection of pop cans has been donated to the fourth grade and we are in need of someone willing to redeem them. Fill out the form below if interested.


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  1. christian Says:


  2. mariah .L. Says:

    did you finish dancemattypeing yet i have one level left.

  3. Chris D Says:

    No. Mariah I have not finished dance matt typing. Did anyone like the experiments today? I liked the xylophone experiment.

  4. Copper Supply Says:

    Copper Supply…

    The meter is generally set into an access vault that is 18 inches deep. Produced and …

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