Safety Net (Internet task for the week of 3/27/2006)

The Internet can be used for many wonderful activities, including talking to friends, learning about new things, and practicing skills like math problems. But the Internet is like a knife: use it the right way and its helpful, use it the wrong way and you can get hurt.

So let’s refresh our memories about Internet Safety. Do these things this week:

    1. Visit the links.
    2. Answer the questions in your Internet journal.
    3. Post a comment to this blog. You can work with your partner to come up with a comment.
    4. Reply to someone else’s comment. In other words, say something about one of the comments you read.

First, get your refresher Web License by clicking here:

Next, go to Disney’s Surf Swell Island and test your Net safety knowledge:

Answer these questions in your Internet journals:

  1. Why should you keep your last name, email address and phone number off the Web?
  2. What could happen if you post your email address or phone number on our class blog?
  3. What is it about the Internet that makes it easy for people to lie about who they are?
  4. How is using the Internet (with its good and bad) like swimming in the ocean? How is it like driving a car? (Think safety).
  5. What else did you learn about Internet safety?

Now post a comment about our Internet task this week. Talk about what you think about Internet safety, some of the dangers, or how to stay safe. Give your ideas or ask others in class a question about Internet safety.

If you have time, check out these links, too:


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25 Responses to “Safety Net (Internet task for the week of 3/27/2006)”

  1. Todd D. Says:

    Mr. Howd,

    Thank you so much for helping students to understand about internet safety. I just became certified through i-Safe ( This organization is a wonderful program that helps students, parents, and educators learn about the perils of the internet. I’m currently informing PTOs and staff members of this as I work toward a full roll out of the program next year at all grade levels. The internet is a wonderful tool when used properly but like the knife in your analogy it can hurt those who do not understand it. Take care,


  2. mariah and chris Says:

    we learned that you should never put information bacause strange people might get it.

  3. chance and willliam Says:

    why do you have to be safe.

  4. chowd Says:

    Chance and William,

    Are you saying that you don’t see why people want to be safe? Would you want to be harmed by some stranger from the Internet? Maybe the question should be: what are some ways to be safe on the Internet?

  5. bailey h and celeste Says:

    dont put your last name

  6. casandra and brianna Says:

    we learned to never put informsen about you on the internet.

  7. Jordan.J and Brandon Says:

    You should be safe because you could get a virus.

  8. Cameron&Elbert Says:

    We learned that we should never put our last name or phone number online.




    Do you think it’s a good idea to do the groups in social studies?

  11. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    Did you think that the home work was hard

  12. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    Do you like doing puzzle pages for homework?

  13. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:


  14. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    How safe do you think is safe?

  15. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:


  16. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    Did you think the science expirament was fun and cool?

  17. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    Do you think your going to do in your social studies?

  18. Christian&Alex Says:

    Do you like school i do. Do you

  19. Mr. Howd Says:

    Please remember that you are posting a comment about the Internet task this week, not about anything.

    If you want to post a comment about something else we are doing in school, then post it to the class activities for that day. This area is for comments for Safety Net, our Internet task.

  20. alex and christian Says:

    be safe on the web

  21. alex and christian Says:

    remember don’t put email phone# last name like joe 100

  22. awne chris b Says:

    Its important not to put your e-mail

  23. Jordan and Brandon Says:

    O.k lets get started. Chris.B and Awne your spelling is wrong. And Chance to awser your qustion your f(f means first)name is not really personanl.

  24. The Fourth Story » Blog Archive » Class activities for Friday, March 31 Says:

    […] We also had our workshop session about this week’s Internet task, related to Internet safety. […]

  25. brandon Says:

    Today Literatuer cireds was fun today Mr.howd!

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