Class activities for Tuesday, March 28

Reading: Today we had WEB, our silent reading time. No Literature Circles due to completion of a student survey by MSU and the GISD.  

Language Arts: We had a mini-lesson on coming up with the right ending: surprising ending, circular ending, ending with a detail or a quote. The next piece of writing is due April 13.

Spelling: None today due to the student survey. Ideas for working on spelling at home include studying the Level Four Core Word list and practicing words on your student’s Words to Learn list.

Math: Students learned the standard method of multiplication–the method that most adults use to multiply. Homework is to complete Puzzle page 5, using any method your student chooses.

Note that some students are making mistakes on their multiplication problems due to not knowing their math facts. Have your students practice math facts at home; one way is for them to play math games at

Science: We reviewed the four mini-experiments on pitch and sound that students completed this week. Students learned that long vibrating objects make low pitches, and short vibrating objects make high pitches.

Social Studies: We began a cooperative learning project, using the Jigsaw strategy, about the Three Fires people of Michigan. In the Jigsaw strategy, students from each team were given a subtopic to learn about. Students with the same subtopic form an expert group. The expert group learns the important information, creates test questions, and plans a way to teach their teams about their subtopic. Students then return to their teams to teach their subtopics. Visit the Social Studies resources page for more information, and stop in to the Social Studies Jigsaw blog archives for a peek at what students are working on.


  • Conferences are April 10-12. Reserve your appointment at the office windows.
  • HELP WANTED: Mr. Keilitz is looking for parents willing to help with Field Day, which is at the end of May. If you are willing to help, please fill out the form here. Thanks!
  • MORE HELP WANTED: A large collection of pop cans has been donated to the fourth grade and we are in need of someone willing to redeem them. Fill out the form here if interested.

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