Class activities for Thursday, March 30

Reading: Today was a discussion day in Literature Circles. Groups finished their magazines and will begin working on a project starting tomorrow. We also read Esperanza Rising, our shared reading book. 

Language Arts: Our mini-lesson today was about creating a scene for the reader to picture in their mind. Scenes are built using dialogue, senses, snapshots and description, and saving the end for the end (don’t spoil it for the reader). Students should be drafting their new piece of writing by now. The next piece is due April 13.

Spelling: We played contraction tic-tac-toe today to review contractions. Students can practice at home by studying the Level Four Core Word list and practicing words on their Words to Learn list.

Math: Students worked today on rounding large numbers.  Homework is to complete Math journal pp. 140 and 142. We will have a math test Tuesday over chapter 5.

One way to prepare for the test is to make sure your student is practicing multiplication facts if they are not yet mastered. Games at may help.

Science: We completed two mini-experiments today to see how pitch is related to tension. Homework is to complete the Minigutbucket and Foss-ulele experiment write-ups. A science test is coming next Wednesday over sound.

Social Studies: We continued our cooperative learning Jigsaw project about the Three Fires people of Michigan. See Tuesday’s post for more information about the Jigsaw strategy.

Today, students worked in their expert groups to create test questions and start to plan how they will teach their teams the information they have learned. Students will have one more work day in class to create their lesson. The lessons will be presented early next week.

Visit the Social Studies resources page for more information, and stop in to the Social Studies Jigsaw blog archives for a peek at what students are working on.


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  • Mackinaw Fundraising Update: our class has raised $2,078, which is 77% of our goal. We have $622 remaining to reach our goal of $2,700.
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7 Responses to “Class activities for Thursday, March 30”

  1. Jordan P. Says:

    Dear Religion Group,
    Are we still doing the crossword puzzle?

  2. Mr. Howd Says:

    If you are planning on doing a crossword puzzle, then you might want to check out this website:

    You can type in words and clues and it will automatically make the puzzle. If you print it out, I can make copies for you.

  3. katie g Says:

    i had alot of fun on the scie4ce project and i got some money or the walk for dibetes i liked the spelling game i thought ti was kind of easy but fun .

  4. Lizzy Says:

    I was wondering if all of the litature circle groups have found out what their projects are going to be. Because I am very excited to see what they are. I love whatching all of the little skits. They are very exciting to watch and to see what everyone comes up with. I do think that everyone is doing the skit in the back of their book.

  5. Mr. Howd Says:


    I agree that the Literature Circle projects are interesting to watch. Have you ever been curious to read a book from watching one of the projects? Hopefully the groups are able to create interest in their books so others might check them out!

  6. celeste Says:

    Hey mr.howd your a cool science teacher i realy had fun it was funny when you told us that story about the time when a student got in trouble from you because he said nice pants kid and you where realy a teacher and you sent him to detention hahahAhahaha.

  7. chance Says:

    yah celest that was pretty funny wasent it.

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