Don’t Kill Your Body! (May 22 Internet Task)

We’ve been learning how drugs can be used in unhealthy and illegal ways, ways that can ruin your life. This week, read more about how drugs can kill your body.

Check out the sites below and see what new things you can learn. Write down important ideas in your internet journal.

Now it’s your turn!

  1. Post a comment to tell what you learned about drugs.
  2. Later, read some of the other comments, pick one, and write a comment about it. Make a connection. 

Start here: 

What you need to know about drugs.Can you handle peer pressure?

Drug Facts

Search Google or Yahoo! to see if you can find more info about kids and drugs.  


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20 Responses to “Don’t Kill Your Body! (May 22 Internet Task)”

  1. chowd Says:

    Taking drugs is a bad thing to do.Sometimes if you took drugs for a long time you could die.Smoking is not cool if you die from it. Don’t do drugs.

  2. Elbert&Cameron Says:

    We learned not to do drugs because the cops might think there might be a fire so they will come in &bust you.

  3. mariah Says:

    you could die by taking drugs

  4. william Says:

    I learnd smoking can kill you

  5. william Says:

    some drugs are illigol

  6. william Says:

    mariah thats right drugs can kill you

  7. mariah and chris fill Says:

    medicines are leagal when you followthe directions.

  8. baileyh and celeste Says:

    we learned that there is a drug called lcd that makes you have a acid trip
    (bad trip)

  9. baileyh and celeste Says:

    how will you know if someone doesent follow the directions?(on the medicen)

  10. ChrisB$$&Awne$$ Says:

    Do you think that if a doctor gives you a prescription for a bad drug should you take it?Why?

  11. ChrisB$$&Awne$$ Says:

    Will are some drugs illegal in all places?

  12. Jordan & Brandon Says:

    Don’t use steroids because it will actly make you weaker.

  13. Jordan & Brandon Says:

    Chis B & Awne me and Brandon say that we shouldn’t because it would probably become adicting.

  14. Jordan & Brandon Says:

    Would you do LSD?

  15. Jordan & Brandon Says:

    We wouldn’t.

  16. Samantha&Kyle Says:

    We learned must drugs are illegal. 🙁

  17. Samantha&Kyle Says:

    Why do people spend so much on ciggarettes and kill their body, too.:-o

  18. sabrina&lizzy Says:

    When anybody takes drugs then you can die. But before you die you have canser.

  19. sabrina&lizzy Says:

    If I see anybody smoke and it is somebody from our class then I am going to tell on them.

  20. Samantha&Kyle:) Says:

    ChrisB$$&Awne$$ we dont believe that you should take a bad drug even though your doctor gives you a perscription. We believe that you should ask for a different drug.

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