Class activities for Friday, May 26

**New grades posted** 

Reading: The class attended the Grand Blanc Middle School Eighth Grade Band concent during reading time.

Technology: Students continued to work on their digital PowerPoint yearbooks today.

If you do not have Microsoft Office and PowerPoint at home, download the free OpenOffice. OpenOffice is an open-source (free) office software suite that is very similar to Microsoft Office. It will open MS Office documents, and looks similar. Students can use the program, Impress, to make PowerPoint presentations. Also included is a word processor, a drawing program, a spreadsheet and a database program.

Math: We continued to work on area and perimeter today. Students also participated in their last Math Skills session of the year.

Many students have shown great progress on their work with math skills and math facts this year. To keep your student moving forward over the summer, consider joining EdHelper for an annual cost of $20.

EdHelper is a website containing various grade levels of activities, ranging from math, to reading and writing. This would be a great resource for summer activities for your student, both for strengthening weak areas, and for stretching into new areas of learning. And you could continue to use the site throughout fifth grade as a way to supplement what your student will be doing in class.

Science: We had a “water race” to see how water moves as it flows downhill. This was to help us understand what happens to water after it rains. Students noticed that the water moves back and forth in unpredictable ways, and smaller trickles of water join larger trickles as the water moves downhill.

Health: We focused today on how inhalants can affect our bodies, and why to avoid them.


  • New grades have been posted. Check them here
  • Visit our updated Data Center to see how the class is progressing in the areas of reading level, multiplication facts and behavior. 
  • HELP WANTED: Mr. Keilitz is looking for parents willing to help with Field Day, which is May 31. If you are willing to help, please fill out the form here. Thanks!

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