Class activities for Tuesday, May 30

**New grades posted** 

Reading: Today lesson was about creating a double focus in a poem. One way to do this is to write about an object that tells about the object’s owner, such as grandpa’s shoes. The poem might be about the shoes, but the shoes tell us about grandpa.

The last piece of writing will be due June 2 and will be a collection of poems.

Spelling: Students corrected missed spelling words on a Words to Learn list.

The Level Four Core Word list is an option for continued practice.

Math: The class reviewed “fraction of” problems (3/5 of 20, or 1/3 of 12) and equivalent fractions (1/2 = 2/4, 3/4 = 6/8 = 15/20) Homework is to complete 10 equivalent fraction problems and 20 “fractions of” problems on worksheets handed out in class.

Science: We went out to the courtyard to see how water moves (pulled downhill by gravity or soaks in the ground).

Social Studies: We reviewed today that the French came to Michigan looking for a shortcut to China, but stayed for the fur trade.


  • Field Day is tomorrow, with a morning session at 9:30 am and an afternoon session at 1:30 pm. 
  • New grades have been posted. Check them here
  • Visit our updated Data Center to see how the class is progressing in the areas of reading level, multiplication facts and behavior. 

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  1. Sarah and Kaite Says:

    We were the coolist 4th graders ever! I mean like who wouldn’t love us! We are like soo kewl and no one ever be as cool as us? I know that you will like always member us as like two cool people!! It’s pretty hot outside u need ac like big time!! You need to become a Michigan State fan no joke because Michigan is so cool!!!!

  2. gary.a Says:

    dont!make me get cookies milk kaite!

  3. gary.a Says:

    dont!make me get cookies milk kaite!ok!

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