Class activities for Friday, September 15

Spelling: Today was a word preview of upcoming spelling words. Students spelled the preview words on their whiteboards. View the spelling words for this year, and well as the first spelling practice worksheets, on the Spelling page.

Cursive: None today. We will start reviewing cursive letters next week.

Reading: Today we learned that tests have two kinds of questions: ones where the answer is “in your brain” and others where the answer is “in the book.” We practiced looking at questions and deciding where the answer could be found.

Writing: Students began a rough draft of their “solving problems” story.

Math: We reviewed “expanded notation” during a warmup.

Mission Statement: We wrote our class mission statement:

The mission of the Brainy Bandits of Room 130 is to be the best we can be and be STAR students, so we can get a good education, improve our grades, and go to good colleges that we want.

Students were asked to bring in “cowboy/cowgirl” gear on Monday for our class photo for the mission statement.

Science: None due to art.

Social Studies: Sunday is Constitution Day. We watched a SchoolHouse Rock music video about the Preamble to the Constitution, sang the Preamble, and watched a movie about what America would be like without the Constitution. Click here to watch the video. Or here to listen to the song. Students were challenged to memorize the song and say it on Monday! The lyrics are below:

The Preamble
We the people
In order to form a more perfect union,
Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,
Provide for the common defense,
Promote the general welfare and
Secure the blessings of liberty
To ourselves and our posterity
Do ordain and establish this Constitution
For the United States of America.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: 7 magnets
  • Oranges: 2 magnets 
  • Reds: none

Today was an improvement, although several students did move their magnets. Ask your student what kind of choices they made.


  • Don’t forget these suppies students will need: dry erase markers and three poly envelopes (I have them for $0.50 each), and a mug for our “paper and coffee” Fridays. See the schools supplies page for more information.
  • Students are welcome to bring to or keep at school a water bottle, to keep from having to ask frequently to go get a drink.
  • Help! Our Room 130 Pride board is looking a little sparse! Your student can help by bringing in three “objects” that show who they are, and that can be put on display for all to see. These could be photos, postcards, papers, medals, or little trickets that can be put in bags and hung on the board. The only limitation is size, and being able to be attached somehow to a bulletin board. These objects can remain with us the whole year, or rotated out whenever the student wants.

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