Class activities for Monday, September 18

Spelling: Today we reviewed long and short vowel sounds, and sorted words into categories according to their vowel sound. Students have received pratice worksheets and can continue to work on these; they will be collected at the time of the next spelling test. View the spelling words for this year, and well as the first spelling practice worksheets, on the Spelling page.

Cursive: None today. Students will receive practice worksheets tomorrow, and they will be due on Friday.

Reading: Today we reviewed categorizing questions into “book” questions and “brain” questions, based on if the answer is one that has to be thought about, or if the answer is in the reading. Students read a selection on bears and answered some corresponding questions.

Technology: Students got their “Web License” by reviewing how to stay safe on the Internet. Topics included passwords, personal information, downloading, cookies, meeting people, “netiquette”, and surf time. 

Math: We continued our opening review of math concepts by playing a game to work on multiplication and division today.

Science: First, we discovered that students do the same things that scientists do:

  • explore
  • discover
  • test things
  • study plants, rocks, bugs, animals
  • ask questions
  • make things
  • invent things

Kids are scientists! And these kids will have an opportunity to act like scientists during our weekly Science Inquiry and Discovery period. Look for more information about this soon.

Next, we conducted our first science experiment, testing to see what materials a magnet is attracted to. Homework is for students to complete the science experiment paper, including the analyze and conclude questions.

Social Studies: Students took a “Fact or Fiction” quiz about the Southeast’s coal and long growing season. They buddy read about the long growing season, pp. 82-85. Homework is to finish reading pp. 82-85, if it wasn’t finished in class. Tomorrow we will finish the Fact or Fiction quiz and complete it for a grade.

A few students also recited the Preamble to the Constitution. Here is the song we sang.   

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: 2 magnets
  • Oranges: 1 magnet
  • Reds: none

Ask your student what kind of choices they made.


  • School notes went home today.
  • A few students still need poly envelopes (I have them for $0.50 each) to store math and science work. See the schools supplies page for more information.
  • Students are welcome to bring to or keep at school a water bottle, to keep from having to ask frequently to go get a drink.
  • Our Room 130 Pride board is about half full. Some students have yet to bring in three “objects” that show who they are, and that can be put on display for all to see. We are looking for things like photos, postcards, papers, medals, or little trickets that can be put in bags and hung on the board. The only limitation is size, and being able to be attached somehow to a bulletin board. These objects can remain with us the whole year, or rotated out whenever the student wants.

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