Class activities for Thursday, January 18

***UM-F field trip tomorrow to see The Whale, based on Moby-Dick***

Spelling: Today we noticed that some words have silent letters, such as the silent e in pine, care, ripe, plate. We also remembered that the silent e at the end of these words changes the vowel sound from short to long. Visit the spelling page to download a copy of the unit 6 spelling worksheets.

Cursive: Cursive worksheet pp. 57-59 are available and due Friday.

Reading: We continued our oral reading fluency project using picture books. Students selected their book and practiced reading with voice and expression to a different partner than yesterday. Seven students read their books today to students in Children’s Garden.

Writing: Most students finished publishing their text today, and many are working on their illustrations. Some students took their pages home to finish the text. Tomorrow will be our last work day on this project. Search class book in the search box for previous posts on this project. 

Math: Today students practiced adding and subtracting decimals. Students worked in two groups today. Some students were ready for a challenge and began working with decimals to the thousandths. Others received extra practice and reviewed decimals up to hundredths. Homework will vary based on which group a student was in. Homework is either to complete journal pp. 88-90 or the decimal addition/subtraction worksheet and Math Boxes 4.4, with the difference being which task the student worked on in class. 

Science: We discussed the Energy Hunt and forms of energy. Congratulations to Alison and Noah who both found over 100 examples of the energy forms at home and school yesterday!

The Energy Fair will be on Tuesday, January 23. Students will bring in an object that demonstrates a form of energy. They will also create a sign that states the object, primary form of energy, and any other forms of energy demonstrated. Here is an explanation of the project.

Social Studies: We learned that the first Americans were really Asians, and that the first people of Michigan were the Paleo-Indians.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: 2 magnets
  • Oranges: 0 magnets
  • Reds: 0 magnets

Ask your student what kind of choices they made.


  • Juice Volunteers for Friday, January 19: Cameron and Kayla. Click here for a full list of juice volunteers.
  • The Candle fundraiser is currently in progress! Click here for more information about this important fundraiser for our Mackinaw trip.
  • Upcoming Events: Candle sales (January 5-19); Writing piece due (January 19); UM Play Field Trip (January 19); Candle orders due (January 23); Candle pick-up (February 4). See the class calendar for more information.
  • We are looking for donations of medium and long cardboard tubes (have plenty of short ones, thanks!) for class projects. The tubes can be sent in any time during the year; this project will be on-going. Thanks for any help you can give!

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