Class activities for Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30

Spelling: Yesterday we reviewed words that form contractions. Today, students worked on their spelling worksheets. There will be a spelling test on Friday. The unit 11 spelling worksheets are available and can be printed from here.

Cursive: Ten cursive sentences of seven or more words are due each Friday.

Reading: Yesterday was a reading day in Literature Circles; today was a discussion day.  

Writing: Yesterday we learned about using fragments to write poems. Students continued drafting and revising yesterday and today for their poetry collection, due into portfolios on Friday, June 1. We will share our poems at our Poetry Slam at Borders next Thursday.

Math: Yesterday we learned how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers. Homework was to complete Journal p. 211 and an improper fraction worksheet. Today, students practiced converting between fractions and decimals, and used their fraction cards to compare two fractions.

Science: We talked about the Water Ups and Downs experiment yesterday, learned that a cloud is made of tiny droplets of liquid water, and made a minibook. Today, students read about the water cycle and drew a picture to illustrate how water moves in the water cycle.

Social Studies: Yesterday, we learned about Michigan’s booming timber industry in the 1800s. Today, students learned about the iron ore and copper industries, as well as the agriculture business. Students drew a picture and explained each of these four industries.


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