Class activities for Wednesday, September 10

Spelling: None today due to library.

For more information on spelling this year, visit the Spelling page. And here is the Level Four 500 Word spelling list.

Cursive: Cursive pp. 15-17 are available and due Friday.

Reading: We practiced the five-finger rule today. Students practiced reading a page of text, then, for every word they didn’t understand, they held up a finger. If there were five or more words they couldn’t understand, the book was too hard for them. If they held up no fingers, the book might have been too easy. For one to three fingers, the book is probably just right. This is a good way for students to choose books in libraries and bookstores.

Writing: We made “Authority Lists” today. Everyone listed things they were authorities on and experts in: places visited, clubs, vacations, things learned, teams played on, etc. Students will use this Authority List to choose a topic for their first piece of writing.

We will be starting a piece of writing this week and it will be due Friday, September 26. As a rule of thumb, generally a piece of writing is due every three weeks.

Also, today students received a manila file folder as their “writing portfolio.” I’ve asked students to decorate their portfolio with drawings, photographs, stickers, magazine clippings–anything that is flat (the folders will be laminated) and is appropriate for school. The portfolios are due next Tuesday.

Math: We didn’t have much time for math today due to some poor choices and discussion about the poor choices. Homework is to complete Math Boxes 1.1 in their math journal.

Science: We reviewed the Energy Hunt activity and it was collected for a grade.

Our Energy Fair is this Friday, September 12 (click here for guidelines). The big idea is for students to find an object at home that demonstrates a form of energy, and to bring it in to show the class. Students are also asked to design a poster that introduces their exhibit to the class. Click here for complete details. This project is worth 30 points.

Social Studies: None today due to library.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellow magnets: 4
  • Orange magnets: 4
  • Red magnets: 0
  • STAR Awards: 3
  • Magnets moved this week (goal: 10): 26

Check your student’s Personal and Social Growth grade at SnapGrades to see if your student moved their magnet.


  • I’ve asked students to bring in up to three things to put up on our Pride Board. Students are welcome to bring photos, awards, medals-anything that can be put on a bulletin board. Students can replace the items at any time and will get them back at the end of the year.
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