Class activities for Friday, September 6

Today was Team Day! Students worked in teams to solve several challenges:

  • Students had to “stick” their ankles to the student next to them in line, and the entire line of students had to walk forward without letting their feet separate from the people next to them.
  • Students had to untie a “human knot” of tangled arms.
  • Students had to lower a hula hoop with their team each only using one finger to hold it up. No fingers could separate from the hula hoop.
  • Students had to untie a knot in a rope around a tree by moving their bodies through the know!

It wasn’t always easy, and there were some frustrations, but students solve the challenges by working hard and working as a team. Thanks to all the family volunteers that helped run the team activities! Look for pics soon!

After Team Day, I asked students to comment on what they learned. View their comments at TodaysMeet.

We also played people bingo today and practiced a few room procedures.


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