Class activities for Wednesday, October 5

Spelling: We reviewed compound words today and remembered that they are formed with two words combined together, such as night + time = nighttime.

Cursive: Ten cursive sentences, seven or more words each, are due on Fridays.

Reading: None today due to extra time with math. We’ll have an extra reading time tomorrow.

Writing: We talked about adding visual details to show what a character looks like. Important characters should have several details or even a whole paragraph to describe them. Minor characters might just have a single visual detail.

Students also worked on revising today, and many chose to look for places to add visual details to describe characters. A personal narrative will be due Friday, October 14; your student should be finished with their draft and looking for places to revise and change words and ideas.

Math: Students completed a STAR Math test today. Homework is to practice math for at least 15 minutes using MobyMax Math or Khan Academy.

Science: We watched a live, in-flight escape test from Blue Origin. We’ve seen this reusable rocket many times on the news, sometimes landing successfully, sometimes exploding while landing. Today, we watched the launch livestreamed, and everything went almost according to plan. The capsule was supposed to land at 3 mph, but the retrorockets didn’t fire, and it landed at about 16 mph. All of this was a good reminder about how scientists need to collect evidence to prove their ideas, and how doing repeated tests is the way to collect evidence. The rocket from today’s flight had been tested four times previously. Scientists tested on an empty rocket today so that it will be safe for humans in the future, just like scientists complete clinical trials to test medicines to make sure they are safe for future users. We’ll be studying space at the end of 5th grade. Here’s a replay of the webcast:

Social Studies: None today due to our reading skills practice day using MobyMax Reading Stories.


  • Homecoming Spirit Week is October 3-7. Check our class calendar for the spirit schedule.
  • Pajama Drive: our school is collecting donations of money or pajamas. Donations will be given to the Salvation Army to provide for children in need. Please consider how you can help and thank you for those that have already contribued.
  • Have you set up a Daily Homework Time for your student? Consider 15 minutes of math, 15 minutes of writing, and 20 minutes of something else to make a brain smarter!
  • Check out our class calendar to stay up-to-date.
  • View links to all the websites we use in class.
  • View grades, assignments, and attendance at JupiterGrades.

Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 6th grade.

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