Class activities for Wednesday, November 15

Spelling: None today.

Cursive: Cursive worksheet pp. 30-32 are available and are due Friday.

Reading: None today due to the half day schedule.

Writing: None today due to the half day schedule. Our next piece of writing is a fiction story due Monday, November 27. Your student should be finished with their draft story at this point and ready to revise. Homework is to work on writing for 15 minutes.

Math: None today due to the half day schedule.

Homework is to practice math for 15 minutes using MobyMax or Khan Academy.

Science: Students worked on their Space Fashion Show scripts again today. (more details and a sample script). The Space Fashion Show is our final project of our space unit. Students are working in groups to write a fashion show script that tells about the sun, moon, or earth (click here to find your student’s group script). One student from each group will “model” a costume of the sun, moon, or earth. The Space Fashion Show is Tuesday, November 21 at 2 pm in the small gym. Family members are invited!

Social Studies: We reviewed powers of the legislative branch and wrote notes about the executive branch.

Character Strength: We are learning about gratitude this week and next.


Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 5th grade.

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