Class activities for Wednesday, September 5

Highlights from today:

  • We checked out our chromebooks. Everyone was responsible and returned their forms!
    • Please have students keep cords and home to charge chromebooks.
    • It is highly recommended that your family purchase chromebook accident insurance. The cost is $25 for the year, or $50 for two or more students. You can pay by cash, check payable to Grand Blanc Schools, or online. Insurance must be purchase by September 27. Here’s more about the insurance program and what it covers. Here’s more information about our student technology program.
  • We made a list of supplies the class needs by Friday:
    • Two poly envelopes or similar to store soft cover books and papers. I have them in class for $0.50 each.
    • A folder to use for take-home papers. Any folder will do.
    • A pencil box or bag to store supplies.
    • At least one dry erase marker. I have them for $0.50.
    • A pair of earbuds to use in class, in technology, and in music. I have some for $1.
  • We talked about snacks in class. Students are welcome to bring a healthy snack (crackers, granola bars, fruit, veggies). I’ll ask students that bring chips, cookies, candies, and other treats to save them for lunch. Here’s more about our school wellness policy.
  • We talked about water bottles. Students are invited to bring a water bottle as long as it fully closes. I’ll ask students not to bring cups, travel mugs, and anything else with an open top to minimize tips and spills.
  • Students received new seats and we selected team captains. Teams were assigned jobs and areas of the room to manage. Teammates were assigned team jobs to help out. Here’s more about leadership in our class.
  • The class was invited to participate in a new club this year, Book Bowl. Those interested will need to read 10 books in order to learn them and participate in a team quiz tournament in March.
  • We started to work on team-building in class with a team challenge involving stacking styrofoams cups into a pyramid using only string and rubberbands, not hands.
  • We also watched a video called Crash and Learn. We heard from a ski jumper who found out he had to crash in order to learn new tricks. He told us to not be afraid to crash, but to learn from mistakes.


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