Class activities for Thursday, September 6

Highlights from today:

  • We decided on our class mission, which we updated from last year’s mission:
    • “All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 6th grade.”
    • We talked about how our mission gets us ready to earn a million more dollars, because college graduates earn a million more dollars in their life compared to high school graduates.
  • We decide on some class goals for the year:
    • We will increase both our reading and math levels at least one full year by the end of the year.
  • We selected our class rules:
    • “Follow the High Fives.”
  • We played collaborative tic tac toe. Each pair of students made six tic tac toe boards. They earned one point each time someone won a game. After playing, we noticed that only one pair earned all six points. When both students were trying to win the same, some games had no winners. After talking about this, some students realized their team could still get all six points even if they didn’t personally win. We played again and every pair earned all six points! They learned that sometimes individuals have to lose so that the team can win. Not everyone can win their way, their idea, their method, their style. It’s about the team, the team, the team!
  • We played People Bingo to learn some interesting facts about each other!
  • We passed out social studies books, whiteboards, fridge folders (for our leftovers and papers we want to save for a bit).
  • Students received a green or yellow folder to use as their writing portfolio. Homework is to decorate the portfolios with drawings, stickers, photos, or cut-out pictures and to return by Thursday, September 13 to be laminated.
  • We played a game called Win as Much as You Can. We are in the process of completing it, but so far, the results aren’t good. This a game were selfishness is penalized and selflessness is rewarded, simlar to collaborative tic tac toe. So far, the class is trying to win for themselves and not thinking of the team. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!


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