Class activities for Thursday, April 6

Reading: Today several more groups presented their Literature Circles projects. We will have the final two presentations tomorrow.

Language Arts: Today’s mini-lesson was on dividing large blocks of text into paragraphs for three different reasons: (1) for a new idea, (2) for a new time or place, or (3) for a new person talking. Students should be revising their draft by now, finishing up a revising conference, and looking ahead to proofreading/editing. This piece of writing is due April 13.

Spelling: Today, we reviewed the rules for adding suffixes onto words, and created words with the -er and -est suffixes (fast, faster, fastest). We also discussed the “Sort It” page of the spelling worksheets.

The Level Four Core Word list is an option for continued practice.

Math: Groups reviewed or extended yesterday’s lesson about dividing using multiples of 10. (120/6…10 groups of 6 is 60, and another 10 [6s] is 60, so 120/6 is 20 [6s]…120/6 = 20). Homework is to complete StudyLink 6.1, and to review journal pp. 147-148 to make sure the answers are correct.

Science: Today students completed a test over the sound unit.

Social Studies: Students who taught concepts about village life and the religion of the Three Fires people led a class discussion. The rest of the class journaled important ideas in their mini-books.

A test over the first people of Michigan will be coming up next week.


  • Conferences are April 10-12. Reserve your appointment at the office windows.
  • Forgot when your conference is? View the conference schedule here.
  • HELP WANTED: Mr. Keilitz is looking for parents willing to help with Field Day, which is at the end of May. If you are willing to help, please fill out the form here. Thanks!
  • Mackinaw Fundraising Update: our class has raised $2,078, which is 77% of our goal. We have $622  remaining to reach our goal of $2,700. Visit our Straits of Mackinaw field trip page for the latest updates. 
  • Interested in going to Mackinaw? We still have three chaperone spots available for the trip. Fill out the form here if you would like to go.
  • McGrath Family Cookbooks are now on sale. Copies can be purchased for $10 and all proceeds go towards our Mackinaw trip. Checks are payable to McGrath.

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18 Responses to “Class activities for Thursday, April 6”

  1. Chris B Says:

    I kind of liked the survey

  2. Kyle Says:

    I didn’t.

  3. Evan Says:

    did you guys think that the science test was easy?

  4. chance Says:

    whazzz up chris b.

  5. Kyle Says:

    Yeah. 🙂

  6. Chris B Says:

    Evan I thougt the test was easy

  7. ashley Says:

    Mr.howd is the techer for me because he teches me right.If I do not uder stand things hes there for me to learn differnt things and tells me to try different stuff.

  8. Mariah. L. Says:


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  10. Christian Says:

    hi people

  11. Kyle Says:

    Did you guys like the Jigsaw in SS.

  12. bailey h Says:

    i think the sience test was super easy!

  13. awne Says:

    me to chris i like the survey too

  14. gary.a Says:

    I was scard!

  15. Mariah. L. Says:


  16. andrew Says:


  17. Christian Says:

    what books do you think we will get for lititure circles

  18. Kyle Says:

    Hey Ashly you spelled teach wroung.:)

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