Class activities for Monday, April 10

Reading: We had WEB, our silent reading time, during today’s shortened schedule.

Language Arts: Today’s mini-lesson was about writing believable dialogue between characters, using slang, sayings, interruptions, and contractions, and to also start a new paragraph for each new person talking. Students should be well into revising or editing for this piece of writing due April 13.

Spelling and Cursive: Today, we looked at how quotation marks are used to say the exact words of someone, or for the name of a title, or to indicate the words of a familiar saying. A spelling test will be Thursday.

The Level Four Core Word list is an option for continued spelling practice. 

Math: None due to half-day schedule.

Science: None due to half-day schedule.

Social Studies: We corrected, discussed and collected the chapter 3 worksheets assigned last Wednesday.


  • The PTO Goodies Factory fundraiser order forms will be collected until Wednesday this week.
  • Conferences are this week Monday through Wednesday; school days this week are half-days. 
  • Forgot when your conference is? View the conference schedule here.
  • HELP WANTED: Mr. Keilitz is looking for parents willing to help with Field Day, which is at the end of May. If you are willing to help, please fill out the form here. Thanks!
  • Mackinaw Fundraising Update: our class has raised $2,078, which is 77% of our goal. We have $622  remaining to reach our goal of $2,700. Visit our Straits of Mackinaw field trip page for the latest updates. 
  • Interested in going to Mackinaw? We have only two more chaperone spots available for the trip. Fill out the form here if you would like to go.
  • McGrath Family Cookbooks are now on sale. Copies can be purchased for $10 and all proceeds go towards our Mackinaw trip. Checks are payable to McGrath.

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    chris b. how did your conference go.

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