Love your Mother (Mother Earth, that is)!

Earth Day was just a little while ago. It’s a day where we remember how important it is to protect the earth and our natural resources. One of the words you will hear is conserve–that means to carefully use and not waste.

Use your Internet research skills to find information on protecting Mother Earth. Information for kids would probably be easiest to read.

Here are some questions to answer in your Internet journal:

    1. What can kids do to help protect the earth?
    2. How can we conserve (not waste) water?
    3. How can we conserve (not waste) energy? 
    4. How does recycling help the earth?
    5. What else can you find out about helping the earth?

For your first computer time, post a comment to this blog. Talk about something you learned or give an opinion.

For your second computer time, pick one of the other comments that someone else wrote and reply to someone else’s comment. That means to say something about one of the comments you read–it could be a connection, or you could agree with their ideas, or you could disagree, or you could just add to what they said.

Start here:


  1. Be careful to type in specific words, like earth day, conserve, energy, water, kids
  2. Just type in a question that you are wondering about. Make sure your question is specific!




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10 Responses to “Love your Mother (Mother Earth, that is)!”

  1. sabrina&lizzy Says:

    does anybody have fun doing the mothers day gift!

  2. sabrina&lizzy Says:

    Do you think that our class should go pick up litter for extra credit science grade?

  3. sabrina&lizzy Says:

    do you think we should go to lots of trips?

  4. alex and christian Says:

    we do think we should pick up litter for extra credit.

  5. alex and christian Says:

    we do think we should pick up litter for extra credit.

  6. ashley and efyjhfijtgjiug Says:

    hi people

  7. awne$$$chris b Says:

    yes thay should like the mothers day gift(ps olny if it is owers)

  8. awne$$$chris b Says:

    will you help protect the Earth(yes or no)

  9. bailey h Says:

    yes im at home now so i cant say celeste

  10. bailey h Says:

    why i said yes is because i was ansering awne and christ bs qwestion.

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