Class activities for Friday, May 5

Reading: Today, we finished our fluency and expression project by visiting Anderson Elementary and reading to Ms. Barcome’s and Mr. Nicholas’ classrooms. You can continue to build reading fluency with your child by practicing “one minute reads.” During a one minute read, your child will read silently or out loud, with a goal of trying to get “one more word” read each time they do the one minute read. If your student uses the same book for the one minute reads, then you can just measure lines or inches.

We will begin our last cycle of Literature Circles next week.

Language Arts: Students completed a “Take a Stand” position paper on whether dogs should be licensed. The paper was turned in for a grade. Homework is to complete the paper if it was not finished in class.

Next week students will explore their own controversial subject, complete surveys, and write a position paper. An example of this would be whether or not students should be allowed to wear slippers in school, or to dye their hair. Their paper will be due Thursday, May 11.

Spelling: None due to visiting Anderson Elementary.

The Level Four Core Word list is an option for continued practice.

Math: Students completed a timed multiplication or division test. For the class, 77% has passed the multiplication facts test, and over 50% has passed division. Ask your child where they rank.

Health: We had a lesson about how self-control leads to increased responsibilities, and also about how family members are people, too, with special talents, interests and abilities. Homework is to complete a family member interview.

Science: We discussed the movement of the moon and the earth:

  • The earth revolves once  around the sun in 365 days.
  • The moon revolves once around the earth in about a month.
  • The earth rotates (spins or turns) once in 24 hours.
  • The moon rotates once in about a month. 

Homework  is to complete a crossword puzzle about the movement of the earth and moon. Page numbers on which to find answers are included on the worksheet.


  • Important information about Mackinaw, including the permission slip, went home in students’ shuttle folders today. 
  • Donating towards Mackinaw? Thank you for sending in any final donations within the next week! We are very near our class and grade level goal.
  • Thanks for volunteering! A volunteer appreciation luncheon is being planned for Monday, May 15, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. Please come! RSVP here or send in a note.
  • HELP WANTED: Mr. Keilitz is looking for parents willing to help with Field Day, which is May 31. If you are willing to help, please fill out the form here. Thanks!
  • McGrath Family Cookbooks are on sale now. Copies can be purchased for $10 and all proceeds go towards our Mackinaw trip. Checks are payable to McGrath.

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