Big Mac Attack (Internet task for week of May 8)

We’re off to the Straits of Mackinac! For this Internet task, find out some information about the forts, Mackinac Island, Mackinaw Bridge, and the Grand Hotel.

Use your Internet research skills to find answers to the questions below. Information for kids would probably be easiest to read.

Here are some questions to answer in your Internet journal:

    1. When was the Mackinac Bridge built?
    2. How long is the Mackinac Bridge? 
    3. The Grand Hotel has the longest _________ in the world? What is it?
    4. Who built Fort Michilimackinac?
    5. Where was the fort moved to?

Now it’s your turn!

You find some interesting information about Mackinaw City, Mackinac Bridge, Mackinaw Island, and post a question to the blog. The other groups will try to answer it.

For your second computer time, pick one or more of the questions and try to answer it! Look on the web for information.

Start here:


  1. Be careful to type in specific words, like Mackinac Bridge
  2. Just type in a question that you are wondering about. Make sure your question is specific!




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7 Responses to “Big Mac Attack (Internet task for week of May 8)”

  1. willchancee Says:

    hi this is will I want to no how big mak is

  2. bailey h Says:

    why did the french build the fort michilimankinaw?

  3. mariah chris f Says:

    i dont believe that the mackinac bridge was built in the 1880’s

  4. Mr. Howd Says:

    I don’t believe that the Mackinac Bridge was built in the 1880s either. That’s because it wasn’t. It was built more recently than the 1880s. But when was it built?

  5. christian&alex Says:

    it took alot of things to build the big mac

  6. alexis Says:

    How was the big mack bilt?

  7. alexis Says:

    when was the big mac built.

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